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C#/ with MS SQL Server
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Rupesh Saini



Minimum Qualification

BE or equivalent


120 Hours

Course Description is a Microsoft offering to create full fledged business applications and web services.

We begin our course with setting up the environment, which includes the framework, the IIS webserver as well as the editor. We learn the basics of C# & OOPs. We highlight the features of the language more relevant to

Based on this knowledge, we learn the structure of an page and know about the page and application life cycles. We implement a project to get acquainted with the layered architecture and see the details of the data layer, the business layer and the front end aspx layer. We learn what are http modules and http handlers and the role they play in life cycle. We learn how to configure the entire application or parts of it using web.config file(s). We then learn how to implement a web service using We finally learn to deploy all this concepts on google cloud.

On the database side, we learn to create tables, views. We see the structure of simple and advanced queries. We learn concepts of Stored Procedures and learn about code security.