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Google Flutter
Featured Course


Rupesh Saini



Minimum Qualification

BE or equivalent


120 Hours

Course Description

Create stunning Mobile applications for both Android and IOS. Google Flutter is an must-learn tool for any future app developer. The platform abstracts much of the complexity so that developers can concentrate of core business logic.

During the course, we implement 1-2 full Apps that will make clear concepts such as Material App design, Scaffolding, Widgeting, etc. We start will basics of Dart language and underline the structure more relevant to flutter. We concentrate on Android development while highlighting key changes for IOS. We also learn connecting to an API backend through the "http" module. We also use other libraries to create stunning charts, using local storage and more. Finally we look at deploying these Apps on physical devices.

After completing the course, the student will be able to independently create full Apps with dynamic backends for both Android as well as IOS.